About Us

Welcome! Here at Big Daddy's Salsa, we are all about creating tasty salsa creations that will have you saying, I can 'put it on everything!'

Our famous salsas dates back to 2014, when Ryan was inspired to create his very own green apple salsa recipe.

With his experience working in the kitchen of a Mexican restaurant, Ryan quickly went to work perfecting his salsa until he created the recipe we know and love today.

Encouraged by his wife Laura, the two set-out to share their new creations with friends and family. Word quickly spread and request for their flavor packed salsas grew from single orders to stores across California.

Today, Big Daddy's green apple and red salsas are enjoyed by so many, and we love to see it!

After all, our passion for food has always been fueled by the excitment of sharing it with others.

Meet Ryan & Laura

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Sourced From Local Suppliers

We work closely with famers & vendors in Northern C.A. to provide our customers with the freshest ingredients